Objectives and e-learning exercise examples

After objectives for an e-learning course have been defined, you can use their action verbs match them up with the corresponding¬†Bloom’s Taxonomy level to help design proper e-learning exercises in the course. Below are some examples of action verbs, and an example of corresponding exercises to go with it.


State (Level 1 action verb)


Identify (Level 1 action verb)



Describe (Level 1 action verb)



Explain (Level 2 action verb)


Determine (Level 2, 4, or 6 action verb)


State (Level 1 action verb)



Perform (Level 3 action verb)


Demonstrate (Level 3 action verb)


Interpret (Level 3 action verb)


Set up (Fits in Level 3 action verbs)



Prioritize, rank or put ___ in order

Drag and drop in order